La Granja Ibiza Wedding

We would love to help you finding the best wedding venue on Ibiza. La Granja is on our top list to celebrate your Ibiza wedding. Tucked into 10 hectares of secluded farmland, the centuries-old stone farmhouse anchors an estate where fertile soil is sown for the free-flowing exchange of energy, ideas, and restorative growth. The property, which includes a nine-bedroom farmhouse, a freestanding, two-bedroom guesthouse, a pool and kitchen, embraces both the heritage of the farmhouse and its inherent connection to the land, while honouring rustic simplicity, growth and decay, modesty and transience. A gorgeous variety of biodynamic, homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs and other artisanal, small-batch products make their way to José Catrimán’s kitchen, where he works them into healthy, hearty, farm-fresh organic meals.

As a wedding photographer team based on Ibiza, we believe that because of all this, La Granja is for sure one of the best venues to celebrate your wedding. But please be aware, they only accept a limited amount of weddings per year.