Comporta Perfumes

Comporta Perfumes

Where scents become storytellers

Have you ever wondered how happiness smells? Have you ever flirted with a fragrance?
Close your eyes and imagine yourself being on a long woody walkway, sitting next to a small fisherman house over a salty water lake and smelling the splashes of salty water on the wood.
Scents tell stories, experiences and memories. Awake all your senses and become your own storyteller.

Comporta Perfumes – an unique and exclusive fragrance line from Portugal

Areia Salgada, Trancoso and Palafitico are our favourite fragrances from the collection of Comporta Perfumes. They reflect exactly the feeling and memories of happiness, salty water and wooden walkways. Comporta Perfumes represent stories, experiences and memories from around Comporta, a freguesia and village in the municipality of Alcácer, a paradise between ocean and rice paddies. With amazing natural, white sands, infinitive beaches and bordered by vast green rice fields.

We discovered this unique and exclusive fragrance line this year when we visited Hotel Sublime Comporta in Grândola. Once tested on our skin, we couldn’t get enough. We were enchanted and started to do research about this unique brand and it’s creator – and that’s how our story with Pedro Dias began.

Pedro Dias – Scent Evangelist

We met Pedro Dias, a lawyer for internet law and copyrights, this summer at Cais Palafítico da Carrasqueira, a special little fishing village near Comporta. This special and magical spot it’s well known for many photoshoots. Christian Louboutin for example, chose the Palafítico pier of Carrasqueira, at Herdade da Comporta, as the setting for the photographs of his Spring/Summer 2013 shoe collection. We have chosen three different photoshoot locations for our business photography session, as we wanted to explore and learn about the influence of those various places into the scents for Comporta Perfumes.

Pedro Dias’ passion and love for fragrances and perfumes started many years ago. He started to collect them and study perfumery. As a Scent Evangelist he launched a blog where he reviews niche perfumes. He also developed a concept around giving masterclasses to share with others his passion for scents and perfumes. In 2011 Comporta Perfumes was born – a unique and exclusive fragrance line, made with love and passion for scents. A line which awakes all our senses and tells the story of our lives.

Let your skin talk..

For us as photographers, travellers and world explorers a must have to wear and take with us wherever we are. It reminds us of our life journeys and helps us to discover the power of scents.

You can buy the fragrances through the webshop of Comporta Perfumes, at Skinlife (an exclusive and must visit store in Lisbon), or you can tell us to bring you one.