In 2008 Roos and Bas left for Valencia, Spain, in a fully packed old Volvo. On their way to a new adventure… They immediately fell in love with the city of oranges. The people, the climate, the gastronomy… After a while the couple noticed that there was little up to date information about the city and that there was no good Dutch website about Valencia yet. Bas and Roos wanted to share their tips and local tips with everyone in order to get the most out of your trip to Valencia. This is how Verrassend Valencia was created in 2009. A website with up to date information and all kinds of fun tips. They started with tapastours. With Roos or Bas through Valencia and taste the tastiest tapas, discover the real Spanish life and leave with nice local tips. In 2011 Roos officially became a guide in the Comunidad Valenciana. Due to the resounding success of the tapas tour, she and Bas decided to expand with workshops, tours and activities in and around Valencia.

In the years that followed, Surprisingly Valencia grew into the number 1 Dutch-language website about Valencia. The personal goal is to show, taste and smell the multifaceted authentic Valencia to travellers in a surprising way.

Verrassend Valencia
Verrassend Valencia provides a travel experience for travellers from all over the world. In an innovative and surprising way they offer tours and routes, but they also provide fully organized trips / events / workshops.

At Verrassend Valencia you get just that extra travel tip and that tip is personally tailored to you. You won’t walk behind a flag in a massive group where the information will pass you by. The tours at Verrassend Valencia are personal, fun and surprising!

And don’t forget to rent a bike to discover Valencia. Valencia is becoming more and more bike-proof with more bike paths and in the Turia park you can enjoy cycling. A good idea is to rent a bike! The shop is located in the cozy neighborhood Ruzafa and here you rent sturdy Dutch bikes, perfect for exploring the city. You can find more information about the bike rental here.
We hired once cool cargo bike, where you can put your kids in the front, and then enjoy the city together.

We would love to photograph you as well when you are going to visit Valencia. Together with Verrassend Valencia we offer some great photoshoot packages. Contact us for more information and let us capture your holiday!

Location: Valencia, Spain
Photography: Youri Claessens & Avieta Claessens