Thanks for stopping by and visiting our website! Nice that you are here! 

We are Avieta & Youri Claessens, a husband & wife wedding photographer team based in Europe. Both of us are very fortunate to have found each other and to work and travel together all over the world with one mission: to capture LOVE between people and to create unique memories for our couples with our images.

But, we are also aware that not everyone is in a lucky situation as we are. That’s why we like to give something back.


We are donating our time and artwork to a couple/family, which needs support. We offer this couple a full day photography coverage of their wedding, with a value over 4’000.- Euros. 


It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live or where your wedding will or should take place ; important for us is your love story, why you need support and why you choose to be part of our donation.


How to participate:

  • Tell your story at our instagram post, or e-mail us your story trough our contactform or directly at
  • We also would love to get a short video of you both, where you can introduce each other and tell us your story. Be creative and show us why we should choose you and your love story.
  • Please share our post as much as possible. Like this we can reach the most people and can find the couple who needs support. 
  • Tag everyone who can help us to find the couple in need. Do you know someone who needs to read this? Tag this person and help us to spread the word.

What’s next:

  • As soon as we receive your story, we will get back to you. If we consider you as participants (depending on your story) we will set up a video call with you
  • The 7th of February we will make a preselection of 5 couples we believe deserve this the most. We will share their stories on our website and you can vote to help.
  • The 14th of February we will pronounce the lucky couple.


  • The couple/family is in desperate need of support (financial wise, health wise, etc). 
  • The couple needs to be completely honest with their story, as we support love and not false stories or lies
  • The wedding needs to take place in 2020, based on availability of us, the photographers