We are always more than happy when Michael Pilarczyk & Cindy Koeman are contacting us for another photoshoot in Ibiza.
We did several photoshoots in Ibiza for them, and I am sure that we will work more often in the future.

Maybe you know them already, but just some short information about this beautiful couple.
Super entrepreneur and high performance coach Michael Pilarczyk will help you become more successful, wealthy and happy. From mindset and business tips to visualisation exercises and goal setting methods, it’s all you need to become more successful, wealthy and happy all around.Whether you want to start a business, earn more money, develop self-confidence or create your ultimate life, you will definitely find answers here.
Michael Pilarczyk started his career as a radio DJ and VJ in The Netherlands. He was involved with one of the most successful radiostations in the country and became extremely wealthy at a young age. Due to poor investments however, Michael lost all his money and at the age of 29 was more than 2 million in debt. To recoup, Michael decided to visit billionaire business coach Dan Peña and shortly after Michael managed to build several multi-million dollar businesses and managed to still retire as a young man.He then decided to fulfil his dream of sailing around the world which he did for three and a half years while writing a fictional best-seller and visiting many guru’s and coaches. Since his return to business in 2015 he has coached hundreds of people and helped them become millionaires, successful business people and overall happy individuals.

He does all of this together with his beautiful wife Cindy Koeman. As an entrepreneur she immediately started her media management with her first company Social Media At Work. She provided social media campaigns for a number of large companies and for her sisters, who have since created a leading brand in the field of weight loss and healthy nutrition with The FoodSisters. After the creation of Mastermind Academy she started working full-time with the organisation behind the scenes, the marketing and the creation of our live events and online programs. She is also the co-founder of the very successful  Meditation Moments app. 

Location: Ibiza
Photography: Youri Claessens & Avieta Claessens
Client: Michael Pilarczyk & Cindy koeman