03.04 - 05.04



Learn, refresh your skills and stay healthy to make the best images for your upcoming weddings!  


 Are you ready to rock your upcoming wedding season? Would you like to learn and refresh your skills, get help with the struggles you had last year, get inspiration and inputs on how you can bring your brand to the next level and on top of all this; stay happy and healthy for yourself and your clients?
If you can answer one of these questions with YES, then make your next step and get in touch with us! 
We offer you a wedding photography workshop which is unique and different. After two intense workshop days you are going to rock your wedding season as it fullest! 


What you will learn
You will learn to overcome all your challenges involved in wedding photography. This workshop is different as it specialises on real situations during a wedding, from the beginning of your wedding request until the event day. Your happiness and healthiness are also one of the big topics we include. Our focus is on improving your photography skills and fixing your struggles. 





How to find the best light, inside & outside
How to shoot in difficult light situations
How to use a flash, either in dark rooms without windows

Choosing the location
How to find the best spot for a portrait session, inside & outside
How to train our eyes

Time Limits
How to manage a portrait session with a bridal couple with time limits
Communication with the bridal couple during the wedding to get the best natural light shots
How to do group shots efficiently

Managing Clients
Managing clients during & after the booking process
 Managing difficult client situations (bride, groom, family, also during a wedding)
Bringing happiness to clients

Goals & Dreams
How to bring my business to the next level
How to attract the right clients
Website review
Managing Social Media

Life – Work – Balance
How to achieve a good life work balance
How to find my happiness
I am what I eat – staying healthy in busy times




3th. April
Arrival Dinner
4th. April
Workshop Day 1
5th. April
Workshop Day 2



€ 950.- per person (check out our special offers below)


Included in the price:
Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Soft Drinks
 One (1) Day Bike Rental
One (1) Mentoring Skype Session, 30min


Not included: 
airfare/travel to Valencia, accommodation, transportation to hotel/airbnb



Max of 10 participants per Workshop
Min of 4 participants per Workshop

Special Offers:
Early Bird: book your spot until 09.03.2020 and receive a €100.- discount
Voucher Code: EarlyBirdVLC2020


Bring a friend and get a discount of EURO 50.- per person


How to travel from the airport to the hotel/airbnb?

By metro: There is a metro station from the airport to the city (takes approx 20 – 25min). You find various metro stations within the city.
By cab: we recommend using the app Cabify. The drivers are very friendly and the cars are very clean and nice. Download the app and you will receive a discount code for your first ride.

Can you help me finding a place to stay?

Sure we help you find the right hotel or airbnb for your stay in Valencia. Just get in touch with us and tell us your wishes, budget and exact travel dates!

What’s the best way to explore the city and to get to the workshop meeting points?

The best way to travel within the city is by bike or by foot. The city is full of bike roads/paths, but if you prefer to walk, that’s perfect too! 

We don’t recommend renting a car as it’s quite busy on the streets and parking lots are expensive.

Can I also book an one-on-one session with you during or after the workshop?

Of course you can. Let us know your needs and wishes, and we will make time for you. We can include the time in the workshop days or maybe you like to prolong your stay? Depending on your wishes we can offer you an individual price package.

Workshop is over - what’s next?

We like to support our participants also after the workshop. Therefore we give every participant one 1:1 Skype Mentoring Session (30min) as a gift, a thank you for his/her time and effort in the workshop. Valid 60 days after the workshop.

Do you plan other workshops in the future?

Yes we do! We are exploring various regions/cities at the moment. If you like to stay tuned, let us know!